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NAKANIHON-JUKI Original Curtain Sewing Machines

Using our reliable technology and high development ability, we have succeeded in creating automatic sewing machines that can handle pleats and full turn hemming, which are considered the most difficult tasks in curtain sewing that require experience and seasoned practice.
By accurately grasping customer needs through our high technical ability, we are making ongoing efforts to develop new products and creating original remodeling of existing machines.

For custom-made curtains

< High Efficiency, Easy Operation, High Quality, Compact Design and Space-Saving >

Automatic pleats sewing machine for custom-made curtains
NCT-250 series






>> Catalog NCT-250ENC(English)

・This machines automatically and sequentially sews the cloth edge, achieving beautiful curtain pleats sewing finish made to measure.

  1. Automatic positioning is instantaneously completed through automatic calculations using inputted former width, width of finish, pleat number and the number of folds.
  2. The sewing pattern corresponding to the pleat height is automatically selected.
  3. Setting of depth in pleat is possible, with additional finish width adjustment function.

Option: Super-soft pattern matching device / Adjuster hook device.


>> Catalog NCT-250ENC/SA3(English)


Automatic pleats sewing machine for custom-made curtains with semi-automatic operation device.

This machine allows completely automated operation, except the start and finish sets. It also allows full automation in finish width adjustment for the three final pleats. Thanks to the possibility to input work data for the next product ahead of time, as well as measuring former width during operation, the efficiency of machine operation is better improved.

Automatic sewing machine for custom-made curtains with full turn hemming


This is the automatic sewing machine for custom-made curtains that comes with full turn hemming function!

NCH-300C New!

>> Catalog NCH-300(English)


This machine employs the industry’s first ever epoch-making method to continuously tuck and fold fabrics and feed them into the sewing machine.
Wide order-made full turn hemming (55-120mm) can also be automatically sewn to accuracy!
Automatic device converting is done simply by inputting the width of the fold. (No changing of attachments necessary.)
This machine creates beautifully uniform width finish using a newly developed tucking and feeding mechanism.

Automatic sewing machine for tape attaching and top fold stitching of custom-made curtains


Automatic sewing combining two processes!

NCH-350C New!

>> Catalog NCH-350(English)


Tape is first sewn to cloth at the feed end of the machine. The cloth is continuously double-folded using an original mechanism we developed. The top folding stitches are done as the cloth exits the machine!

"Tape attaching and top folding stitching" are important processes that can affect the pleat quality. This machine combines these two processes to achieve accurate automated sewing through simple operation!

Automatic sewing machine for panel joining of curtains

ncn700 interlock

Panel joining is finished finely!


>> Catalog NCN-700(English)


It is automatic sewing only with setting cloth, even if inexperienced in sewing!

There is neither difficult pattern matching nor pattern shear by sewing shear!

Curtain cloth edge folding machine


Creates beautiful 2-fold or 3-fold on curtain hems, making the ironing process easy and smooth!


>> Catalog NCV-10(English)

This machine can accurately and swiftly iron out 2-fold or 3-fold shade curtain hems, a process that usually takes time and effort!

The width of the fold can be changed between 15mm-85mm. The fold length is up to 2200mm per folding process. * Further length possible with repeated process.

For ready-made curtains

Semi-automatic sewing machine for ready-made curtain pleats


>> Catalog NFC-90(English)

Sewing machine for ready-made curtain pleats


>> Catalog NTC-80(English)

Other products

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